M. Frédéric Dufault
Urbaniste, M.Urb., M.Env., EESA®, VEA®

An urban planner with a master's degree in urban planning and a master's degree in environment, Frédéric is an approved environmental site assessor (EESA # 164) and an accredited environmental auditor (VEA # 77), which are awarded by the Association québécoise de vérification environmentale (AQVE). Frédéric is also a member of the Ordre des Urbanistes du Québec (OUQ # 998), the Ontario Professional Planning Institute (OPPI), the Canadian Institute of Urban Planners (CIP) and the American Planning Association (APA).

Frédéric has over 15 years of experience in the field of urban planning and real estate and environmental management. He also has extensive experience in the field of sustainable development and strategic planning and is a leader in his field of work by his integrated approach and state-of-the-art expertise to help companies develop and reconcile their project at the environmental level and with government bodies. After working numerous years in the private and parapublic sector, Frédéric now owns his own consulting firm in the field of sustainable development, environmental management and sustainable development.

You can reach Fred : / 514-213-0969

Mr. Serge Vaugeois,
Urban Planner, M.ATDR, M.Sc.A. MGAP
Project Manager - Planning

Mr. Vaugeois is an urban planner and holds master degrees in Planning (M.ATDR) from Université Laval and in Project Management (M.Sc.A MGPA) from Université de Montréal. He is a long-standing member of the Québec Planning Association (Ordre des urbanistes du Québec – # 393).

Mr. Vaugeois has a long work experience of 35 years in the fields of environmental management, municipal affairs, transportation planning, local, regional and development planning. After working for the private sector, Mr. Vaugeois occupied several positions, such as project manager, team leader and manager for various ministries within the Québec Government. He is recognized for the global vision, strategic reflection and his ability to work in teams and with various parties involved in projects. Since leaving the public sector, Mr. Vaugeois is back in the private sector as a freelance planner, working on various projects with Enviro 3D consulting in environmental, planning and transportation management.

You can reach Serge : / (438) 390-5009

François Dufault
Pilote, CD, B.Ing., M.Ing., MMDS, PMP
Conseiller technique

François se joint à Enviro 3D en 2018, comme conseiller technique pour Aéro 3D stratégie-conseil.(insérer le lien vers Aéro 3D), afin d’aider l’entreprise et sa division Aéro 3D a prendre son envol du bon pied! François, à travers son horaire chargé, nous coordonne les demandes de COAS et nous guide sur les approches, équipements et obligations en matière de survol par drone.

François est un gestionnaire d’expérience avec plus de 20 ans de service au sein des Forces armées Canadiennes, en tant que pilote d’hélicoptère Griffon, avec plus de 1500 heures de vol, et ce, dans des endroits aussi diversifiés qu’éloignés.

Son expérience militaire à multiples facettes et tâches lui a permis de s’intégrer rapidement et facilement à de nouveaux projets, cultures et organisations et axer le travail sur les résultats, tout en respectant les besoins et objectifs de la clientèle. Son parcours scolaire en ingénierie combinée à son expérience opérationnelle, à sa certification en gestion de projet lui permettent d’être parfaitement positionné pour comprendre le langage opérationnel, technique et managérial.

François voit, avec Frédéric, au développement des affaires de la division Aéro 3D, qui se spécialise par l’acquisition de données terrain avec un drone et des caméras haute définition.

On peut rejoindre François par courriel :

Ms. Sophie Bélanger,
Urban Planner, M. Urb.
Project manager – Planning

Ms. Bélanger joined Enviro 3D Consulting in October 2018 after almost 20 years in the municipal world. Ms. Bélanger

Urban planners and designer, Ms. Bélanger hold a master degree in planning and is a member of the Québec Planning Association (OUQ), as well as the Quebec Municipal Director Association.

With over 20 years of experience within the municipal world, occupying various positions, from municipal inspector, planning director to general manager, M.s Bélanger offers a vast experience in municipal and project management, especially since she has was promoted to the position of general manager of a Laurentian’s city north of Montréal.

M.s Bélanger is responsible for planning projects and can be reached: / 438-407-3731

Marie-Claude Desjardins,
Environmental technician
Autocad Specialist

Marie-Claude, alias MC², as joined Enviro 3D in December 2018 as our environmental technician and Cad specialist. Ms. Desjardins brings expertise in on-site work and is pretty efficient when it comes to get projects rolling and CAD drawing to the expected standards for our customers.

Ms. Desjardins experience in the CAD industry and as an on-site technician for another consulting firm helps our team efficiency within the project management and realization. Her expertise and training also as a surveying technician also bring the necessary expertise for Enviro 3D and Aéro 3D projects and data acquisition. Ms. Desjardins as a high sense of responsibilities and team work is a major part of her approach. Reaching our clients objectives and taking the time to be transparent and explain the situation to them is also Ms. Desjardins a part of her work ethics and we encourage such practice.

Ms. Desjardins can be reached: / 438-406-2560

Michel Grimard
Market Development Director

With his experience of over 30 years within the business management and construction materials world, Michel brings his knowledge to help Enviro 3D and Aéro 3D grow its client lists and meet their demand.

Mr. Grimard has worked over 20 years for Lafarge and is helping Enviro 3D develop expertise in the Construction Material Business in order to help potential clients with their environmental issues and business expansion that required Environmental and technical due diligence. With the help of former colleague Mr. Claude Brouillette, Mr. Grimard brings an expertise that will help our growth and recognition within the industry.

Mr. Grimard can be reached: / 1-514-984-4810

ENVIRO 3D Conseils business partners

Self-employed individuals in the field of environment and sustainable urban development and planning, Enviro 3D Conseils consultants are skilled professionals who aspire to the same quality of work and professionalism put forward by Enviro 3D Conseils.

Gestion projets environnementaux Akvo inc.

AKVO offers consulting and project management services for projects dealing with water treatment and management, as well as environmental project management services.

Our team of experts can provide the assistance you need at all project phases or focus on a specific aspect of your project. As specialists in our field, we offer professional service and flexibility to help you meet your challenges. We are fully committed to your projects and seek the best possible solutions through innovative approaches.

Mathieu Barbeau, engineer, M.Sc.A., PMP

M Mathieu Barbeau is a professional who works the in field of water treatment and management, more particularly in the development, design and delivery of environmental solutions.

He is known for his global vision, and has a high degree of resourcefulness and motivation. He works well at defining project strategies developing innovative technical solutions and delivering projects that are perfectly aligned with clients needs.

As the rallying force behind multidisciplinary teams, he recognizes the strengths and expertise of each contributor and effectively channels their efforts to ensure goals are met.

Éliane Nganda, engineer, Ph. D.

Éliane Ndanga is a junior engineer with a PhD in Civil Engineering. She has studied and worked in Cameroon, Burkina Faso and Canada, also gaining professional experience in Mali along the way. This unique background has proven very enriching, allowing Éliane to develop her ability to adapt, work independently and be flexible all of which give added value to the different projects she works on.

Éliane’s areas of expertise are varied. She is particularly interested in designing, studying and developing practical solutions in hydraulic, geotechnical and geo-environmental engineering that are both creative and tailored to client needs.

As someone who is driven by results and client satisfaction, Éliane has made a name for herself as a reliable and committed team player. On the job, she is meticulous, dedicated, resourceful and productive, while remaining cordial and pleasant to work with.

She excels at working in multidisciplinary teams and brings outstanding managerial skills to the table. Her varied engineering and project management know-how are an asset to every project she is involved in.

RD Environmental Services

Roger Duchesne, Professional Environmental Technologist (T.P.)

Mr. Duchesne is one of the most respected field technicians that we call in when our team needs help on site or if we required high level technical or drilling work done. Mr. Duchesne brings expertise oriented on understanding our clients’ needs and reaching their objectives when it comes to environmental site assessment, asbestos investigation and drilling campaign.

T2 Environnement

<h4>Daniel Tarte, partner</h4>

Daniel Tarte, partner

Daniel Tarte, a co-founding partner of T2, has over 20 years of experience as a biologist. His expertise notably includes the coordination of environmental assessments, the management of distribution line rights-of-way, and biodiversity enhancement. He also conducts inventories of herpetofauna and wetlands. Mr. Tarte is equally effective in conducting multidisciplinary studies both in Quebec and abroad.

Mr. Tarte conducts environmental assessments for linear infrastructure projects in the transportation sector, acting as a researcher officer or project manager. He also collaborates on environmental assessments for industrial, mining, or sanitary landfill projects. As his numerous mandates from Hydro-Québec will attest, he possesses considerable expertise related to distribution line rights-of-way and more specifically vegetation control, power outages caused by wildlife, and the improvement of habitats to promote conditions conducive to biodiversity.

He has taken part in a number of international multidisciplinary studies such as due diligence reviews for mining projects in Senegal and Guinea, the construction of the new Libreville airport in Gabon, the water supply of the south of Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and a feasibility study for the construction of a 2 000 km railway network in Ecuador.

<h4>Hugo Thibaudeau Robitaille, partner</h4>

Hugo Thibaudeau Robitaille, partner

Hugo Thibaudeau Robitaille, a co-founding partner of T2, is an experienced project manager and biologist. He holds a master of Environmental Science degree from the Université du Québec à Montréal and has worked for over 20 years as a consultant and pedologist for municipalities, governments, industry, and private sector clients. Mr. Thibaudeau Robitaille is known for developing innovative solutions to resolve his clients’ environmental problems.

Mr. Thibaudeau Robitaille acts as a project manager for environmental impact studies in the fields of renewable resources (forests and wind energy) and non-renewable resources (mines). He coordinates multidisciplinary teams of biologists, geologists, geographers, and engineers to conduct biophysical inventories in isolated northern regions and to complete associated technical studies. He also evaluates the environmental impact of large infrastructure projects and offers targeted solutions that minimize negative impacts and maximize benefits. Mr. Thibaudeau Robitaille has participated in a number of public consultations and has successfully negotiated for the implementation of natural habitat conservation and territorial development projects.

Mr. Thibaudeau Robitaille has headed ecological mapping projects in Quebec, Labrador, British Columbia, the Canadian High Arctic, and Nepal. He has coordinated programs for flora inventories and predictive mapping of ecosystems in addition to coordinating projects for plant and wildlife development, ecological restoration, and watershed-based management.

Écoumène et territoire

M. Paul Arsenault, planner, M.A. Dév. régional, president of the firm Écoumène et Territoire

Mr. Arseneault is a planner and brings an experience in feasibility, planning and transportation-related studies. He is a member of the Québec Planning Association (Ordre des urbanistes du Québec #789) and he specializes in planning, transportation and management policies.

Mr. Arseneault participates with Enviro 3D consulting in some public project proposal and will provide expertise in transportation and land planning.

Vision Environnement

Mme Nathalie Demers, ingénieure, experte reconnue en vertu de la section IV de la LQE (#129)

Ms. Demers is an engineer that has been working in the environmental field for the past 25 years. Ms. Demers participated in multiple site assessment studies and rehabilitation during her career as a consultant, for firms such as Technisol, Solivar, GSI, HE and Pluritech.

In 2002, she joined Progestech where she became associate and vice-president. In addition, it has been on the list of experts recognized by MELCC since 2003. Since 2011, she is an independent consultant (Vision Environment) and has developed, along with colleague Mr. Michel Caron, the Geobox app, that helps on-site technicians with drilling and trench logs.

Ms. Demers helps Enviro 3D with her expertise and acts as project manager when her expertise is needed on larger projects.

Corporation Infini inc. – Géobox

M. Michel Caron, ingénieur hydrogéologue senior

Mr. Caron and Geobox are a partner of Enviro 3D since its beginning. Geobox was adopted by our firm when it started its activities as we believe in technology having its role when doing on-site work.

Mr. Caron is a hydrogeologist that has quite and professional background and expertise in environmental management, as he was head of well-established firm in Environmental Management in the Quebec region. Mr. Caron is the founder of Consultant HGE, which later became Mission HE, which started its operations in 1982.

Mr. Caron provides a technical expertise to Enviro 3D in the geology and hydrogeology fields and is called in as a project manager on larger projects requiring his expertise and wisdom!

Gestion Horizon / Blain Joyal Charbonneau

Toute entreprise doit se doit d’avoir quelqu’un qui tient les livres et qui s’assure de sa bonne gestion. Enviro 3D a décidé de confier la tenue de ses livres et tout l’aspect comptable aux meilleurs!

Gestion Horizon

Gestion Horizon est notre partenaire d’affaires depuis 2017 et son équipe dédiée aide Enviro 3D à atteindre ses objectifs financiers.

Mélanie Dionne et Marie-Nathalie Houle voient ensemble à nous aider à ce niveau

Blain Joyal Charbonneau

Quant à notre comptabilité et nos rapports financiers, Enviro 3D a confié, et ce, dès le début, l’ensemble des ses activités de surveillances comptables aux meilleurs! La firme Blain Joyal Charbonneau de Sainte-Julie est mise à contribution.

Yves Charbonneau et Annie Duhamel, et leur équipe s’assurent que l’ensemble de nos activités financières soient en ordre.

Yves Charbonneau

Yves Charbonneau

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Annie Duhamel

Annie Duhamel

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Groupe Marcon – Stratégie en mobilité durable

Marcon is a partner of Enviro 3D Consulting helping us in the fields of Global and sustainable mobility. With an international reputation, Marcon and staff are specialist in strategic studies and management.

Marcon supports vehicle manufacturer and users in the implementation of new cleaner and more economical technologies. Marcon can provide the necessary expertise to conduct technical-commercial feasibility studies, to elaborate governmental policies and takes part in various concrete commercial initiatives.

Pierre Ducharme

Pierre Ducharme

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Catherine Kargas

Catherine Kargas

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